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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School Days

Do you make scrapbooks of your child's school years?  I do a pretty simplified book.  I do not do a book for each year.  I keep each child in a separate book and highlight certain parts of their year. 

These would be:

1.  First day
2.  Class picture
3.  Artwork
4.  Writing samples
5.  Awards
6. Special Activities or field trips
7. Picture of them with their teacher
8. Christmas program
9. Homecoming
10.  Report cards/yearbook

I also include misc. pages like their handprint...a poem...a list of things they remembered about the year...etc.  But the above list is typical for each school year.

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a hodge podge scrapbooker.  Which means that I do not by any means create in order.  I might do a layout of my 13 year old son and then do a layout of his 2nd Halloween.  So many of my book are partially completed.  At the beginning of every year I tell myself I am going to scrap as I go...but does not happen...ugh!

Anyways I have been organizing both of their books the last couple of days...and will show you some of the things I do. 

First day and teacher pics...

Special events...Dr. Seuss turns 100...a project he was proud of...a play he put on.

  Homecoming...Go Tigers!  For the top page I used the tiger Ryan made and carried in the parade.

Christmas programs...for this pic I used the poinsetta she made in school.

I use the clear uploaders for writing samples...and just fill it with some of my favorites...can't keep everything.

 Again...just like the writing...I put a title on a clear uploader and fill it with artwork that will fit in the pocket. If it does not fit...see below...
 If the artwork does not fit...I take a picture of it and then add it to the folder...or I scrap it like I did for these 2. 
I do the same thing for report cards and yearbooks that I do for writing samples and artwork.  When they graduate they will have a k-12 sampling of their school years. 

I am guessing that the high school book/books will be more elaborate because of the activities. 


  1. These look great! I have the same sorts of things saved up from Sadie but haven't officially started anything with them yet! Ha! Great work!

  2. So much fun right? I love that i am not the only one who has no order to her scrapping..even if I do try

  3. What great memories you have scrapped! TFS!